Magog Caskets' recent move into a new ultra modern manufacturing facility has allowed them to produce caskets of unprecedented quality. Magog Caskets is completely vertical in its manufacturing process.  New manufacturing methods and techniques combined with traditional artistic methods makes Magog Caskets effective and efficient in producing the highest quality funeral products while offering unprecedented value. Many of Magog Caskets propreitary machinery and production techniques are exclusive to its manufacturing process.

Magog Caskets Inc, prides itself on using top quality raw materials and controlling every aspect of the manufacturing process. Magog Caskets has a H.A.P.S free paint system and process that offers a 98% reflective Gloss rating, The highest in the industry. Precious metals ,Stainless steel and carbon steel, as well as exotic woods and traditional North American stock affords tried and true burial caskets that stand the test of time. For over half a century Magog Caskets Inc., has been delivering value and service to Funeral professionals.

Our manufacturing process allow flexibility and unmatched delivery times for Stock and custom built products.